Nothing easier than to put a border on Google docs

If you are creating any document on Google docs and eagerly making it look more beautiful, then page borders are mandatory. Colorful and well-decorated border catches a glimpse of everyone looking over it. It lightens the mood of the reader, and if you are using it for office, hopefully, you may get a good review.

In this article, we are going to find out how to insert the border in Google docs. Along with that, we will also see how to color attractive borders in Google docs. So, let’s dive in together under steps.

Way to put a border on a Google Doc

There is no specific tool for putting borders in Google docs. But by using a few basic and classic tools, we can create an amazing border in Google docs.

How to put a border on Google docs
How to put a border on Google docs

Steps for creating a border in Google Docs

  • For creating a border in Google docs, margins should be fixed as per need.
  • Margins will decide the thickness of your border.
  • For changing margin, go to File and then go to the page setup.
  • From there, you have to select on margins.
  • From there, you can select the size of margins from all directions left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Once right margins are selected, for inserting a border in Google doc.
  • You will require to use a very important feature of Google docs to make borders.
  • That special feature is the Insert Table option. Click on the add icon, and from there, choose to insert the table.
  • The table show consists of one row or column only. After inserting the table will be on your screen.
  • Extend that table using your mouse, and this table will be maximum extended until the size of the margin you have selected.

    How to put a border on Google docs
    How to put a border on Google docs

Now your border in Google doc is ready. You can design that border with your favorite colors. Now the question comes, how to make a colorful border in Google docs?

Ways to create a colorful border in Google Docs

Having a colorful border will give an edge to your document. Especially when you are writing an invitation letter or anything which needs to look. Let’s see step by step on how we can make our border in Google doc colorful.

Steps to make a colorful border in Google Docs

  • For making border colorful, firstly go to File.
  • From there, visit page setup.
  • On the page, setup select your favorite color, which you want to use as the border of Google docs.
  • Now, after selecting any background color, your page will be filled with that color.
  • Now use the icon of color filler, select white color, and fill it inbox.
  • Now only the border portion will look colorful.
  • Similarly, you can change your border to any color.
  • Now for removing a black line of table visit to table features and minimize the table width to as small as possible.
  • Or by clicking on each corner, you can cut them.

    How to put a border on Google docs
    How to put a border on Google docs


We have discovered how to make a border in Google docs. Now you can use this technique to make your assignments look more attractive. Along with how to insert a border, we have also seen how to make your border colorful in Google docs.