Does The Weight Of A Paper Matter? Get the Right Case of Paper

An expensive case of paper isn’t always the best. It would help if you considered qualities that suit your needs. Papers have different features, i.e., they vary in weight and size. Also, you’ll notice that some papers are stiffer than others. Therefore, it is vital to understand the nitty-gritty of papers.

What is a paper case?

how much does a case of paper weigh
How much does a case of paper weigh?

A paper case is a bag that packs, carries or stores papers or other writing materials. Precisely, the case specifies a particular quantity and protects the papers therein. They come in different sizes, weight, volume, and quality as per the papers they encase.

How much does a case of paper weigh?

Even though the paper is a common thing in many printing places, people do not fully understand its measurement and weights. Typically, a bond paper of 17″ by 22″ usually weighs 20 pounds; but this paper can be cut into four letter-size sheets to create a ream of 500 sheets that weigh 5 pounds.

If you are looking for cheap copy paper, then the 20-pound bond is the paper of choice. It is the standard type of paper that you’ll find in most printers and photocopiers. A standard one will weigh about 10 pounds per 1000 sheets.

How much does a case of paper weigh?
How much does a case of paper weigh?

Remember that 20-pound bond paper is similar to 50-pound uncoated text, though they have different names due to a different manufacturing process. Other properties, such as weight, thickness, and color, remain similar. The size of the 50 pounds is 25” x 38”.

Other Types of office copy paperweights

The other categories encompass the thicker paper sheets. A case of paper, thicker papers, guarantees you a substantial feel. Moreover, it will be more opaque when you compare to thin papers. So the other available paperweights are:

  • 24 lb. bond or 60-pound uncoated text
  •  28 lb. bond or 70-pound uncoated text

The heavy categories of paper usually account for less paper count but delivering the same outstanding results. They are useful in cases when you want to print on both sides of the paper and mainly when you are using heavy ink coverage. Such printing usually affects paper opacity.

Similarly, if you are printing a paper that you plan to mail, weight is of significant consideration.  So you must ask yourself the question “how much does a case of paper weigh” before purchasing to use.

Other factors to consider

  • Recycled paper: not all papers have recycled content. Recycled papers are the best way to go green. But always look for paper that hasn’t been bleached at all.
  • Color: color determines what you can print. Available colors are blue-white, balanced white, natural white, soft white, etc.
  • Brightness: papers have numbers. No. 1 sheet has excellent brightness and perfect runnability.

Price, availability, and personality are also other factors to be considered. 


Understanding what a case of paper holds is very important in knowing the quality of paper you are buying. Many people may have questions about the weight of the paper. We believe that you’ve got the most answers after reading our article. Let’s interact in our comments section below.