A Solo Diner's Wish List

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1. Greet me warmly ó make me feel welcome.

2. Donít call attention to my solo status by hollering, ďTable for One!Ē

3. Ask me if I would welcome sharing a table with another solo diner.

4. Feed my craving for options, by offering me an array of seating choices, if you have them ó a table for one or counter/bar seating overlooking an exhibition kitchen or a seat at a communal table, etc.

5. Seat me quickly, if Iím standing in line ó even before couples and groups, if possible.

6. Best: remove extra place settings without a lot of clatter; better: remove extra place settings BEFORE you seat me.

7. Seat me where I wonít feel conspicuous ó ideally, a location with a view and with good lighting, should I want to read.

8. Maintain a stock of reading materials ó newspapers and magazines ó and offer them to me.

9. Suggest dishes that lend themselves to half portions, in case I want to enjoy a grazing meal.

10. Donít assume Iím a non-tipper or that I never treat myself to a good bottle of wine.

11. Donít rush me and donít ignore me.

12. Invite me to return and suggest I make a reservation next time.

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