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Andaluca - Mayflower Park Hotel — (206) 382-6999; 407 Olive Way, Seattle, Washington

Amenities: Some solo business travelers opt for dining at the six stool bar where the full menu is available. But those in the know who prefer their own turf for a meal, reserve the little booth (perfect for solo diners!) or one of the small tables before the windows in the front of the restaurant.

Cuisine: Fresh, seasonal Northwest cuisine, influenced by the tastes and flavors of the Mediterranean

Neighborhood: Heart of the city

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Brasa — (206) 728-4220; 2107 Third Avenue, Seattle, Washington.

Amenities: You can characterize some communal tables as places where people "do their own thing." They may be sharing a table, but each person seems to be an island, lost in a book or in thoughts. Not so at this resident 12-seater.

The locals, businessmen and women, who elect to sit at this bar-height table (Some solos opt for dining in the lounge or at a table in the dining room area.) invariably interact. Perhaps it's because this communal table is "happening."

It's almost always available– 95%– to solos and to anyone who enjoys serendipity and networking; the staff always alerts guests to its availability; and it's known for being the site of the infamous "Celebrity Night" when a celebrated guest adds extra luster and excitement. Prized, invitations for this event are much sought after.

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Neighborhood: Belltown.

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