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Black-Listed Restaurateurs

"You write about wonderful solo diner-friendly restaurants. What about the rest?" maintains a list of "the rest" restaurants that are horrified at thought of attracting solo diners; restaurants that "get suspicious when someone comes in alone," etc. and of course, all the misbehaving restaurants YOU have reported on to us throughout the years. (Good news this list is far smaller than you might imagine!)

Unlike restaurant critics, "almost always" never airs a restaurant's dirty laundry in public. We decided a long time ago to write about the many good things that specific restaurants do for solo diners, rather than the bad. Believing that "sugar" goes a lot further than "sour," we "reward" solo friendly-restaurants by writing about them/giving them media exposure.

There is, however, an exception to our "write good stuff" rule as some of you know..

Unlike Bill Schell (click: textbook complaint), some subscribers are uncomfortable complaining to restaurants. We provide a service for such individuals. We will write to the offending restaurant; we will complain on their behalf.

When we write, we give a restaurant the bad news: we let them know it has joined's black list! AND we give them the good news: it's easy to get off this list! All they need do is institute a solo dining amenity. And as soon as they do (and they let us know about it!), will write about their "newly" solo diner-friendly restaurant.

Isn't that a "sweet" incentive?

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