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Gourmet salt —

Everyone's discovering it and sampling its variations. Is it time for you to get in on the tasting?

Get the details on an exciting salt sampler.

for a friend or — for YOU!

Board your next flight with a favorite bottle of wine? Get all the details.

When's the last time you ordered an entire bottle of wine just for you? What are the pros of doing so?

USA Today reports that Heritage Foods USA (offshoot of the Slow Food movement) asks, "Why stock your freezer with generic meat and poultry from an industrial-size producer when you can tap into the world of rare animal breeds that are raised on small farms using humane and environmentally sound methods?"

They have just published its first "Spring Almanac" mail-order catalogue which offers 36 Heritage Products, including Berkshire pork, North American bison, Dark Cornish chicken; wild sockeye salmon; tomahawk oysters; and Native American-raised wild rice.

Concerned about the meat you eat?

For over 25 years, Niman Ranch has been providing premium quality meats to the finest San Francisco Bay Area restaurants, and more recently, to fine markets and restaurants across the country. Now, you can order Niman Ranch beef, pork and lamb for delivery to your door.

Here's the introduction to Niman Ranch's "Story":

"Niman Ranch produces the finest tasting meat in the world by adhering to a strict code of husbandry principles. Livestock are humanely treated, fed the purest natural feeds (with no animal by-products or waste), never given growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, and raised on land that is cared for as a sustainable resource. In other words…raised with care, naturally."

Niman also educates their customers, from chef to retailer to consumer, about what they do and why they do it in raising and marketing their meat.

One of the best ways of becoming aware of what they offer — besides taking one of their "Ranch Tours" — is becoming a subscriber to their e-newsletter (Recipes! Notices about special event dinners! Meat preparing tips!)

P.S. On October 3, 2003, The Wall Street Journal's Catalogue Critic voted Niman Ranch's applewood smoked bacon the Best Overall.

Here's an excerpt of their praise:

"One taster declared it to be 'what bacon tasted like before commercial processing.

Among the pounds and pounds of the stuff we fried up, this was the only bacon that our testers totally devoured."

For more details, click: Niman

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Cooking Schools in Italy — Spice your learning with pleasure!

Return to Top — The International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink — announced its annual list of six prominent Suspected Closet-Sinkies.

Closet-Sinkies occasionally partake of food and beverage while standing over their kitchen sinks or in comparable informal fashion, although intentionally unobserved for reasons of (we think needless) guilt or embarrassment.

Given recognition this year are: Nathan Lane, Cokie Roberts, Don Imus, Queen Latifah, John Walsh and Rachael Ray.

This year’s six Suspected Closet-Sinkies were officially enshrined with their fellow casual-comfort-food gourmets on “Sinkie Day” – always the day after Thanksgiving.

Honorees in years past include Martha Stewart, Newt Gingrich, Miss Manners, Mr. Blackwell, Dionne Warwick, Rush Limbaugh, Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore, Kathie Lee Gifford, George Will, Janet Reno, Cosmo Kramer, Jenny Craig, Michael Jordan, Barbara Walters, Tony Blair, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Kenneth Starr, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Sidney Poitier, Calista Flockhart, Hugh Downs, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Bill Gates, Vanna White, George Hamilton, Maya Angelou, Sammy Sosa, Elizabeth Dole, Dave Thomas, Diane Sawyer, Pat Sajak, Angela Lansbury, George Zimmer, Ann Landers, Rudy Giuliani, Gloria Estefan, Richard Simmons, Barbara Bush, Barry Bonds, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Alex Trebek, Melanie Griffith, George Foreman, Joan Rivers, David Hyde Pierce, Liza Minnelli, Donald Trump, Patti LaBelle, Jay Leno, Mia Hamm, Tony Bennett, Patricia Heaton, Bill Cosby, Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Yan, Annika Sorenstam, Jamie Farr, Condoleezza Rice, Bill O’Reilly, Diana Ross, James Carville, Daisy Fuentes, Paul Anka, Ann Coulter and Tiger Woods.

Norm Hankoff, Founder of the Sinkie Association in 1991, expressed the organization's position on this once-a-year honor: "We have no actual evidence such as snapshots, videotapes or witnesses willing to testify, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if our six recipients occasionally experience the laid-back dining styles millions of ordinary people enjoy."

Sinkie World Headquarters: P.O. Box 221413, Sacramento, California USA 95822 Sinkie Web Headquarters: WWW.SINKIE.COM

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