Author of Hit The Road:

Across America in A Topless Car

Reveals ALL about Her Solo Dining Experiences!

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Author/driver Alyce Cornyn-Selby drove from one side of the United States to the other — AND, of course, she ate out alone!

In April 2002 author/driver, Alyce Cornyn-Selby got into an "open cockpit," very topless roadster and drove from one side of the United States to the other.

Subsequently, Cornyn-Selby contacted "I am not a restaurant critic by ANY stretch but I found some places that made me feel wonderful and I'd be happy to share them with your visitors."

We were THRILLED to hear from the celebrated author of several books, including, One Thing Worse Than Being Alone — Wishing You Were: Craving Solitude and Getting It.

While driving an open cockpit vintage roadster SOLO coast to coast, she experienced first hand the surprise of finding wonderful people and restaurants on her nerve-racking and hilarious three-month trek.

This is the first excerpt from a "Drive-of-a-Lifetime" adventure by Alyce Cornyn-Selby which originally appeared in, the newsletter.

Going Topless

The following excerpts appeared in past issues of, the newsletter:

Maddox Ranch House in Perry, Utah

JACKIE'S TOO in Perkins Cove — Ogunquit, Maine

LAMBERT'S — Missouri

DINNER IN THE DINER — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Publick House—
very near Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Sooner or later, EVERYONE — business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. — faces the challenge of eating out alone!

cover - the art and satisfaction of dining alone revealed

THE How-to Booklet of Solo Dining Tips & Strategies:

The Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone — REVEALED!

is now available for purchase in PDF format!

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2003 Thanksgiving thoughts on solo dining from Alyce!

Penned this while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner alone last week at a beautiful lodge/spa in Washington State.

A book is a better dining companion than a relative because:

1. The book is a professional at entertaining; a relative is an amateur.

2. You get to chose the topic — humor, drama, mystery, romance. Even religion or politics!

3. You can eat whatever you want without comment from the book.

4. It’s always Dutch treat.

5. You don’t have to say “shut up” when it’s your turn to have a thought.

6. Arguments are kept to a minimum and are silent — no outbreaks of temper to disturb other diners.

7. You don’t have to wish that your book had better table manners, would stifle burps, won’t drink too much or tip too little, insult the wait staff or run off with the waitress.

8. Your book does not interrupt the meal by taking calls on its cell phone.

9. A book doesn’t complain about the food, the service, the bill or YOU.

10. At the end of dinner, you’re in a better mood, not worse.

Copyright 2003 by Parents Without A readers/reviewers loved HIT THE ROAD: Across America in A Topless Car — ". . . great insight into human motivation."

To buy this book, click: Going Topless

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