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Sooner or later, EVERYONE — business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. — faces the challenge of eating out alone!

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THE How-to Booklet of Solo Dining Tips & Strategies:

The Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone — REVEALED!

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September/October 1999 — Vol. 3; #5

No longer available.

First Course Millennium Madness Memories

Exclusively for Men

SDC Restaurants Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Utah, Washington.

Tidbits Newsweek’s “Sex & the Single Girl” Great Solo Dining Experience? Diners Beat the Clock for Bargains in Far East Eateries.

Go Solo Travel Club

“New Scene = New Start?” Author Helga Hayse

Cheers for the Media (S.F. Chronicle)

Eats Out All the Time!


Celebrity Chefs in the KitchenShould You Care?

Solo Safety Tip

Last Call Confessions of a “Just Eight” Insider (dining out club)

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November/December 1999 — Vol. 3; #6

No longer available

First Course Classy “Text-Book” Complaint

Exclusively for Men

SDC Restaurants Alas., Calif., D.C., Ga., Hi., Ind., Ky., Mass., N.Y., Oh., Pa.,

Tidbits “Sinkie Day” Coming Soon! “Dear Abby”: Pro Communal Table Dining Ultimate Icebreaker.

"Social Savvy for Business" Classes East and West Coasts.


SDC Tip Clarification

Cheers for the Media Daily News-Los Angeles

“Cooking for One” Columnist!

Comraderie, Confetti and a Glass of Bubbly!

Solo Safety Tips Interesting & Reliable Accommodations, compliments of the Easy Escapes Newsletter Editors

Last Call “High Chairs” = Hasty Dining?

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January/February 2000 — Vol. 4; #1

No longer available

First Course Birds Do It; Bees Do It AND People Do It in Cooking Class!

Exclusively for Men

SDC Restaurants Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas.

Tidbits Breaking Bread in France Food Arts Magazine 1999 Toasts Tasty Proverbs Vegetarians Rule! "100+ Restaurants," Report for 2002.

Balinese Culinary Excursion


Complaining with Confidence

Cheers for the Media Delta Airlines Sky Magazine

Dinosaur Discovered in Paris

Solo Safety Tip Help for Forgetfulness

New Year’s Resolutions #1

Last Call Rebuffed by a Restaurant.

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March/April 2000 — Vol. 4; #2

No longer available

First Course Cross Country Skiing: Entrée to...

Exclusively for Men

SDC RestaurantsCalifornia, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin.

Tidbits Cinema Grill Television's “Leeza” takes on Tipping Women Tours (Bicycling)

“Solo Dining Savvy” Becomes

DayDreams Schooner Parties

Cheers for the Media Modern Maturity Magazine on Communal Dining

Cyber-Dining VRG (Vegetarian Resource Group)

Fresh Take on Solo Dining in France

Avoiding Unwelcome Attention

Solo Safety Tip Save Your Back

Last Call Rebuffed by a Restaurant Road Warrior Wisdom Columnist ( Speaks Out!

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May/June 2000 — Vol. 4; #3

No longer available

First Course SDC Salutes Santé Magazine

Exclusively for Men

SDC Restaurants Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington.

Tidbits“SINKIE” Sighting “Greens” (Younger James Beard Members) Dine Communally — New book: FEEL NIFTY AFTER 50New York City Restaurant Week Alert

Las Vegas Insider Comments on the “Big Brother” Phenomenon Video-taping of Customers

Does Alfresco Dining Foster Gregariousness?

Cyber-Dining Restaurant Reservations Online Revisited

Cheers for the Media Hartford Courant on Solo Dining

Hot SDC Reports/Directories Now Available

More Solo Dining Tips & Strategies

Solo Safety Tip Sharon Wingler, Author of TRAVEL ALONE & LOVE IT, checks in.

Last Call Trepidation-less Solo Dining.

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July/August 2000 — Vol. 4; #4

No longer available

First Course — "Side Pockets" & Solo Dining? (California, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington)

Exclusively for Men (excerpts from "Shove Over," Mitch Broder's bodacious piece on the "New Communal Table")

SDC Restaurants — Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Canada (Toronto).

Tidbits — Milkshake Month — Elderhostel


"Enforced" Communal Table Dining?

Cyber Dining — www.flyinthesoup

Where New York Magazine

Cheers for the Media — Ann Landers

Take with a Grain of Salt (solo dining guidelines)

Solo Safety TipDining Lean (Second Edition)

Last Call — Reframing the Scenario — Guest Columnist Helga Hayse

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September/October 2000 — Vol. 4; #5

No longer available

First Course — Cooking for One (and sharing, too!)

Exclusively for Men (excerpts from "Shove Over," Mitch Broder's bodacious piece on the "New Communal Table")

SDC Restaurants — California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin.

Tidbits — Share Your Solo Dining Tip and WIN! — “name-your-own-price” pitches explained by "Travel Companions' " Jens Jurgen — Aspen Singles Weekend.

Dégustation = A Solo Diner’s Dilemma!

Cyber-Dining —

Cheers for the MediaNew Times’ Restaurant Critic, Meredith Brody.

“Impromptu” Solo Dining

Solo Safety Tips — Thanks to “Women Traveling Alone” Newsletter.

The “Heart Choice” ( Menu.

Last Call — “Dissing of Solo Women is Frequent Flaw.”

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November/December 2000 — Vol. 4; #6

No longer available

First Course — Solo Diner-Friendly Restaurant CONTEST!!!

Exclusively for Men — Writer Lawrence Bivens sounds off on solo dining.

SDC Restaurants — Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee.

Tidbits — Ritz-Carlton (Laguna Niguel, California) Smoker = “The Mother” of all communal table dining? — "Fully Committed” (Stage production about restaurant reservations.) — WHERE New York Magazine — Expert business communications trainers Pachter & Associates answer dining out questions.

Sushi — A Secret Society

Cyber-Dining —

Communal Table Failure

Cheers for the MediaRichmond Times-Dispatch columnist, Katherine Calos

Solo Dining Words of Wisdom — 1995 Style

Solo Safety Tips — a selection

Taking Tea Is Timely for Solo Diners

Last Call — Solo Dine Out–Portland vs. New York City.

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Spring/Summer 2001 — Vol. 5

No longer available's "Solodiner-friendly Restaurant Contest" — Detailed!!!

Winners of's "Solodiner-friendly Restaurant Contest": Dream Meal Winners; Subscription Winners; Report/Directory Winners.

Winning "Solodiner-friendly Restaurant Contest" Restaurants located in — Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Texas, Washington.

Featured SDC Restaurants — California, New York, Washington.

Tips: Healthy Diners on The Fly! — Solodining Tip — Pack-It System!

New York City's Annual Summer Restaurant Week

"Dining on The Road," by Tracy Petering (First Published at

San Francisco Peninsula Dining Expose — with thanks to food editor Mary Orlin of the Palo Alto Weekly.

SoloTravel Specials Detailed: Boulder Outdoor Survival School; Take My Mother Please; Europeds, Adventure Women; Live Art.

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Fall 2001 — Vol. 5

Heartfelt assistance for the families of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

NYC Restaurants Revisited — Solodiner-friendly New York City restaurants featured in past issues of

Solodiner-friendly Restaurant Contest for Restaurateurs!

Featured SDC Restaurants — Alabama, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, Vancouver - Canada..

Tips: Tips on tipping from Don Currier, editor of the Las Vegas Insider — Solodining tip from "Ask Mr. EATiQuette" — "Out with The Old" (heavy, outdated suitcases) travel tip from Jens Jurgen's "Travel Companion Exchange" — Solodining tip from Dede Evans of Sacramento, California

Are You A "Package" (travel) Person?

Solodining Adventures on The San Francisco Peninsula — Revisited! (Our thanks to food editor Mary Orlin of the Palo Alto Weekly.)

Why Suffer in Silence? Speak Up!

Cookbooks for You (and for your solo friends).

SoloTravel Specials Detailed: The Sagamore's Weekend Culinary Adventure.

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Winter01 "Meets" Spring02 Issue — Vol. 6


Nigella Lawson — TV Star of "Nigella Bites"

Rachel Kaplan, Director of French Links, Tells "All" about Solodining in Paris!

Featured SDC Restaurants — California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Canada

A groaner but you owe it to yourself . . . ("dining" joke)

A True Barometer of A Restaurant's Commitment to Hospitality Is . . .the way it treats a solo diner, according to New York Daily News restaurant critic Pascale Le Draoulec — as reported in "Chez Pascale," February 13, 2002 (excerpt)

Would you like to see grocery stores cater to households of one or two?

Trip Plans? What's Your "Tour" Tolerance?

"Decoding" A Wine List

Applause for Ann Landers!!!

Forgotten, And Now Found, Travel Tips — by Helga Hayse

"The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette" — 50th Anniversary version ( reveals its take on solo dining.)

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Summer02 "Meets" Fall02 Issue — Vol. 6



Director of French Links tells "all" about solodining in Paris! (Part Two)

Featured SDC Restaurants — California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington

Wear Your Favorite Dessert

Globe and Mail reporter gains valuable insight while dining at a communal table in New York City.

Would you like to see grocery stores cater to the single shopper? (revisited)

A "Moving Table" that promises "constantly-changing" companions across the table.

"One Person" survival kit

Applause for Sheila Lukins (Parade Magazine columnist)!!!

Forgotten — and now found — Travel Tips (more from Helga Hayse)

Doggie Happy Hour is a howling success

Government Cafeterias in Washington D.C. will save you a bundle!!!

SoloDining tip — How to find solodiner-friendly restaurants in your hometown.

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