Can You Tip Too Much?

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The amount Americans tip on restaurant bills appears to be declining compared with five years ago, a new survey found.

An online poll (survey conducted by, an online coupon website, as part of researching into consumers' spending habits) of about 2,600 men and women in the U.S. found that a majority of Americans tip their food servers less than 20% and that one in 10 tip nothing at all.

Do YOU fall into either of these categories???

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Do you believe restaurants should get rid of the tipping system?

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Can You Tip Too Much?

Here’s the good news — there are no wrong answers to this question.

The bad news — not really — there are no right answers.

That said — getting the hang of creative tipping is easy.

For starters, decide on your objective or what you hope to receive in return from a restaurant. This will help you determine whether to leave a larger tip than usual.

To discover your objective, consider the following questions:

* Do you plan to revisit the restaurant? (Does the quality of your dining experience rate another visit?)

* Do you need to make a quick, favorable impression? (Will you be in town for a short time?)

* Do you want to signal your intention to become one of the restaurant's “cherished regulars"?

Here’s an example of creative tipping that worked for a solo diner and reader of Going Solo, a newsletter no longer in publication:

During his travels, when he discovers a solo-friendly restaurant he wants to cultivate, he leaves his business card, plus double his usual tip.

The next time he visits, and thereafter, the staff knows him by name. The service is superb — and he returns to tipping as usual!

P.S. If the “tipping dilemma” seems overwhelming, consider this: solo-friendly restaurateurs believe solos ought not feel presssure to tip more than they do when dining with a companion or group.

Seeking guidance on how to tip other people essential to your well-being —
like people who deliver food, taxi driver, manicurist, etc.? (Ought not neglect your Tatoo Artist either!)

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