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"Take-out" Survival Tactics

Thanks to Don Sakland of Cambridge, Massachusetts for the following tips:

Assume the following about any takeout restaurant:

(1) anyone taking your order is busy to distraction;

(2) a language barrier exists;

(3) a customer service department is nonexistent.

Then act accordingly.

To increase the odds that "brown paper bag" contains "your" order, institute action "READ-BACK."

Insist your order taker READ-BACK your order (especially "special instructions"!). Follow up by insisting the staff person READ-BACK your order when he or she delivers it or when you pick it up. (Sakland's rationale: "It helps them fix your instructions in their mind.")

He concluded with this simple, but helpful suggestion: When time allows, ask the bill be faxed to you for prior approval.

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