Solo Dining Spa-Style!

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Solo Dining Spa-Style!

Originally published in the May/June 1998 issue of, the newsletter.

"Taking a week at a spa, even though you may go with friends, is very much a solitary experience. But though I know it's absolutely different than a solo dining restaurant experience, there's a connection," said Ruth M. Owades, President of Calyx & Corolla, The Flower Lover's Flower Company. "It's a wonderful experience after a day of exercise or just thinking while relaxing in a hammock, to come to the dining room at Rancho La Puerta Tecate, Baja California, Mexico (Her favorite!) to sit with someone or no one."

Owades made another spa observation, which provides food-for-thought for anyone considering joining others seated at a communal table. "Another thing that's wonderful I don't know if this is true at the more posh spas there is an understanding that many people come because it is fun to meet other people. And it's just that. It doesn't mean something like going on a date or having a long term business relationship," she said. "You may have a wonderful conversation with someone at dinner on Monday night, but there's absolutely no commitment to ever sit with them again."

Solo contacted the very posh Golden Door Spa - Escondido, California (Special weeks are set aside each year for men and coed participants.) to discover that comradery is also rampant among the rarified.

Each week, the Golden Door accepts only 39 guests, many of whom will forge life-long friendships while hiking the hills or tucking into their renown spa cuisine and will return yearly to renew them.

Wherever they occur, communal tables help people connect.

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