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Tips Table of Contents

All-cupcake shop | Alyce Cornyn-Selby, author/driver, shares solo dining experiences | Antidote to eating disorders - solo dining? | Avoiding bad seating in a restaurant | Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone REVEALED! booklet | Bargain wine - tips on how to make it taste better | "Best" hour to dine solo? | Black List of restaurants |

Board your next flight with a favorite bottle of wine?
| Buffets Las Vegas | Budget dining out | Calming fellow diners | Can you tip too much? | Chef's tasting dinners - too self-indulgent for solo diners? | Chinese food | Communal table dining pluses | Communal table dining at a spa |

Communal table dining in the United Kingdom - discussed | Communal table dining in the United Kingdom and Australia - discussed | Communal table dining restaurant list | Complaining to a restaurant - how to | Consider this | Cook-Dating (Paris, France) | Cooking aids for you or for gift-giving | Cooking solo/single tidbits from recent articles |

Cornyn-Selby, Alyce - author/driver, shares solo dining experiences
| Counter/bar dining restaurant list | Cupcake shop | Current hot tip | Dear Abby's advice on turning down a drink | Dégustation - too self-indulgent for solo diners? | Dining etiquette | Dining onboard Amtrak | Dining out alone Horror Stories |

"Dinner Club" in Paris an alternative to eating out
| Do supermarkets and grocery stores cater to single/solos? |
Does service dictate what you tip? | Doggy-bagging wine? | Drink & Food outings | Eating disorder - solo dining an antidote? | Eating in Italy | Eating out in Paris - an alternative | Eavesdropping | Etiquette instruction |

Europe - tips on solo dining | Exotic ingredients | Food & Drink outings | Gourmet foods | Gourmet Magazine tip for solo diners | Grocery shopping for singles/solos | Helga Hayse talks about navigating the journey from wife to widow to solo |

"Hit the Road" - excerpts | Holiday tea-taking special for solos/singles | "Home Cooking" organization Italy | Horror Stories dining out alone | How to avoid bad seating in a restaurant | How-to booklet of solo dining tips & strategies | How to complain to a restaurant | How to dine solo in Europe |

How to prequalify solo diner-friendly restaurants (minimize unpleasant surprises beforehand)
| How to select wines-by-the-glass | Is service quality important when you tip? | Italy visit coming up? | Las Vegas Buffets |

Meal assembly facilities - U.S. | Meal assembly facilities mentioned in publications | Money-saving tips for dining out | New York Magazine emphasizes solo dining | NH Hotels' "nhube" - flexible communal (dining included) environment | Onboard train dining |

Outings Food & Drink |
Paris: "Dinner Club" | Personal chef substitute | Prequalifying solo diner-friendly restaurants (minimize unpleasant surprises beforehand) | "Proper" time to dine solo? | Pros of communal table dining | Publications mention meal assembly facilities | Quality of service persuasive when you tip? |

Reading in a fine restaurant | Restaurants offering communal table dining list | Restaurants offering counter/bar dining list | Salt - gourmet | Salt sampler |
Save money dining out | SoloDiner Tip Winners! | Solo dining - an antidote to eating disorders? | hot current tip | SoloDiner Tip Winners! | SoloDiners' EAT OUT Week |

fellow diners
| Spas communal table dining | Specialty foods | Supermarkets | "Take-out" survival tactics | Taiwan cuisine | Tea-taking during the holidays and beyond | Textbook complaint and restaurant response | Thanksgiving thoughts on solo dining from Alyce | The Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone REVEALED! booklet | Tip on how to sooth fellow diners |

Tip too much?
| Tips on how to make bargain wine taste better | Tips on solo dining from a trucker's wife | Tips on how to select wines-by-the-glass | Trucker's wife talks about solo dining | "Underground" or "Occasional Supper Clubs | Washington, D.C. widower shares observations and insightful solo dining tips |

What determines how you tip?
| Where are you going to eat in Italy at "home"? | Wishing for communal tables in restaurants | Wine doggy-bagging? | Wine for you or for a friend | Wine lovers can cut costs by buying on the Internet | Wines-by-the-glass how to select

Sooner or later, EVERYONE business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. faces the challenge of eating out alone!

cover - the art and satisfaction of dining alone revealed

THE How-to Booklet of Solo Dining Tips & Strategies:

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