Soothing Other Diners

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Use "calming" tactics on diners seated nearby and sooth your anxieties about dining alone.

The experience may be all too familiar — unless you frequent only super-casual eateries like coffee shops and diners.

You know — those glances in your direction — lowered voices of those seated nearby. Sometimes it just feels awkward to be a solo seated in the midst of couples and groups.

What are they thinking? What are they thinking about me? Imagine all you wish — there’s no telling/no answer.

Sure, some people may feel concern seeing you dining alone and others may envy your freedom to eat whatever you wish in the best of company.

But — bottom line — neighboring diners are very involved in whatever they’re doing. All they really need (and want!) — and this is key — is to know that solo dining is okay with you.

It’s easy to give them that assurance. If you make eye contact, smile. Then quickly involve yourself with relish in some activity. (Here’s where a book comes in handy!) You’ll be amazed at how well this works!

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