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Prepare to be inspired by Harry Rosen's heart-warming solodining story. (See if you can tell how old /young he is!!!)

My Pup's "Tummy Success Story"! (Does your pet have a delicate gastrointestinal tract?)

Traveling Alone, But Not Necessarily Wanting to Eat Alone . . .

"French Table" Every First Monday of The Month — Locals/Boston Visitors Make Plans!

Guided Walking and Hiking Holidays in Beautiful Garfagnana, Tuscany — Communal Dining — No Single Supplement

Sooner or later, EVERYONE — business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. — faces the challenge of eating out alone!

THE How-to Booklet of Solo Dining Tips & Strategies:

The Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone — REVEALED!

is now available for purchase in PDF format!


Prepare to be inspired by Harry Rosen's heart-warming solodining story. (See if you can tell how old /young he is!!!)

Here are excerpts from the New York Times article on Rosen

"It never fails," Harry Rosen said on Wednesday evening as he enjoyed another fine meal by himself in another top-rated Manhattan restaurant.

“Maybe because I’m eating alone at my age, people at other tables start conversations,” he said.

“I haven’t eaten dinner home in many years,” said Mr. Rosen, who tried singles groups and other activities after his wife of 70 years, Lillian, died five years ago, when she was 95.

But nothing brought him the comfort of a fine restaurant.

“It’s my therapy, it lifts my spirits,” he said Wednesday evening while examining the menu with a magnifying glass at David Burke Townhouse.

Twice a week, a server there greets him, walks him to his usual corner table and brings his regular glass of chardonnay, his appetizer of raw salmon and tuna, and then the swordfish, skin removed, with vegetables specially puréed for his dentures to handle.

“The food and the ambiance, it’s my therapy — it gives me energy,” he said.

To enjoy Rosen's entire story, click: Dining Out with the Best of Company


Invite For A Bite was inspired by a group of women travelers talking on BBC Women's Hour how much they wished there was a website where women who don't want to eat alone could meet up with one another and eat together.

Now there is :-)

You can view Inviteforabite.com to discover public invitations from other female travelers. (You can also post "your own" invitation.)

Solodining.com hopes the concept spreads like butter over hotcakes!

Check it out: Inviteforabite.com


When I adopt a dog, I prepare for surprises.

However, I was unprepared to deal with an over-active gut — like defecation 6+ times a day! Lotta poop pickup! The vet checked her out. "Live with it," he said. "Or try FortiFlora. Simple as sprinkling it over her food once a day."

Painless — right? And it WORKS! She's down to once — occasionally twice — a day. I signed off constant poop patrol!

Here's a pic of my happy no-more-poops-a-lot sweetie!

german shepherd

You may already be a personal fan of live probiotic cultures. (They create a strong immune system.)
You may even purchase yours via ProbioticSmart.

ProbioticSmart is known for doing for pets' immune systems what it does for humans'. And it has great prices for FortiFlora — that's where I buy mine.

(And, yes, they'll give me a small honorarium if you purchase anything from them by clicking below.) :-)

Free Shipping on order of $50 or more at ProbioticSmart.com

French Table Every First Monday of The Month — Locals/Boston Visitors Take Note!

Here's a chance to brush up on your French or — per a news release from Petit Robert Bistro — "talk about your upcoming visit to Paris." And, very important, "Singles are welcome!"

Here are the particulars: Every first Monday of each month at 6:00pm, Chef Jackie will cook a three course dinner, featuring a different region of France.

For pricing and reservations, call: (617) 375-0699

PRB Kenmore Square — 468 Commonwealth Avenue — Boston, Massachusetts

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Guided Walking and Hiking Holidays in Beautiful Garfagnana, Tuscany — Communal Dining — No Single Supplement

Jan and Dave Kinder— owners/operators of Tuscany Walking — write:

"We run a small business taking hikers on hikes in Northern Tuscan, a beautiful and relatively undiscovered part of Italy. Many of our hikers are single.

We do not charge any single supplement, meals are taken together, either for breakfast (at a long "Italian" style table), lunch (picnics or lunch at a local restaurant) or dinner which is eaten at one of
several good Italian restaurants in Barga, the town where we are based.

We are keen to attract more single travellers on our hiking holidays. We feel we represent a good quality vacation at a very good price for singles."

Your editor believes believes this is a "great" opportunity for solos/singles.

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