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New Orleans

NOLA — (540) 522-6652; 534 Rue St. Louis, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Amenities: "I have to say that the single best dining experience I have ever had was at NOLA and it was at the food bar.

I was seated there after the maitre d' suggested that since I was dining alone, it would be much more ‘better.’ I didn't even know what he meant, but went with the flow.

After sitting down, I was greeted by the executive sous chef. The person working the food bar [also called a “chef’s bar”] started me off with something to nibble on.

The sous chef allowed me to see every dish first-hand before I made my decision. I had his recommendation every step of the way. Even the servers weren't quick to rush me off. They let me stay as long as I liked.

How many times, dining alone, do you sit for over two hours?" C. Byrd

According to the general manager, solos (25 a day) also love the dining room where two-tops out-number four-tops two to one.

Cuisine: New New Orleans .

Neighborhood: French Quarter.

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Restaurant August — (504) 299-9777; 301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Amenities: Solo out-of-towners and locals (currently, 60% men) regularly walk-in for dinner throughout the week.

If you decide to drop in, expect to be seated wherever space is available, unless you opt to eat at the bar (nine seats) or at one of the café tables in the immediate vicinity.

Cuisine: Contemporary French accented with local ingredients

Neighborhood: Central Business District

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