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Gather information about a restaurant before you commit your $$$ and your self to a meal. Here is a sampling of questions that will help you evaluate how solo diner-friendly a restaurant is:

* Do you attract many solo diners?
* What time of the day/what day attracts the most solo diners?
* Do you facilitate shared-table seating for solos who wish company with a meal?

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Want to learn how to develop solo dining skills or how to enhance the ones you have?
Check out: How to dine out alone

Members of
Solo/Single Travel Yahoo Group, the message board and communication forum for visitors to, do more than talk about "travel."
Here's an example:

Dear Larry,

I understand the problems with dining alone. Unless I have something to read, I don't enjoy it much either. When I was traveling alone in Tahiti, I decided to be brave and I asked the person seating with me if they could seat me with someone else eating alone.

It was a bit difficult as the waiter didn't speak English but I got the idea across in my fractured French. He found a man sitting alone who spoke English who was delighted to have someone to talk to and stayed with me long after he had finished his meal. I had a wonderful experience and tried it again in New Zealand.

I also had a great evening in Fiji when I started chatting with a
couple from Australia at the next table. We ended up spending the
rest of the evening sitting on the terrace, enjoying the ocean view,
and trading stories. I learned alot about life in Australia from them.

I found the people in New Zealand and the Australians I met on that
trip to be very open and friendly, much more so than in the US. And I
think that tourists everywhere have an 'open' attitude. We want to
know about other people and where they have been and what they have
seen, or we probably wouldn't be travelling in the first place. So,
Go For It!

Have your opening phrases ready. I have found "Do you live here?" or
"Are you traveling here, too?" to be excellent conversation starters.
Then ask, "What should I see here?" Your only problem will be
getting away from your new friends...hahahaha.

Good luck!
Daphne (
Tacoma, Washington

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