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Mobile Foodie Survival Kit - with Rosemary

Salt Gourmet Status


Mobile Foodie Survival Kit - with Rosemary

(Totally cool and the people employed to assemble it? Guaranteed feel-good!)

Pocket-size set of organic seasonings essential for any foodie on the go, including 13 flavorful, USDA Organic herbs and spices.

Organic: basil, cayenne, curry, dill, granulated garlic, ginger, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, granulated onion, sea salt, black pepper, rosemary.
Price: $26.00
To check it out, click: Foodie Survival Kit

Salt Gourmet Status

Gourmet chocolate, gourmet coffee, gourmet tea, gourmet olive oil, gourmet cookies . . . you can now add "salt" to the luxury list of specialty foods/exotic ingredients!

"Salt, That Essential Flavor," Los Angeles Times April 6, 2005

Salt, make that gourmet salt(s) is big these days huge in concept and selection. (Ads of celebrities with salt-flecked lips that mimic those "milk mustache" ads.)

A exotic specialty salt requires its own "keeper."
Sur La Table offers a handsome addition to your kitchen.
Berard Olivewood Salt Keeper Keeps up to 8 oz. of cooking salt within close reach beautifully. Carved from olivewood, each keeper has a unique grain pattern. Features magnetic swivel lid that allows for one-handed access.

The names of these specialty salts are as varied as the roles they play in cooking:

fleur de sel
smoked fleur de sel
Himalyan pink
Danish Viking Smoked
Hawaiian red
Black Salish smoked
Peruvian pink
Black coral
Balinese coarse
Tunisian pink
sel gris [A negative for your editor "Muddy appearance and taste."]
Australian pink
California sea
fume de sel
Cyprus black lava flake
Halen Môn
Kosher salt
La Baleine

Colors include: white, pink, red, gray, golden and black

Textures include: fine, coarse, flaky and chunky

Prices include: $30 - 4 ounces Japanese Jewel of The Ocean

Want to sample several designer salts without busting your budget?

Dave's Insanity Gourmet now offers Dave's 6 Gourmet Salts: Six compartment shaker contains Hawaiian Red Salt, Eurasian Black Salt, Grey Salt [sel gris], Fleur de Sel, Smoked Salt and Italian Sea Salt. (3.75 ounces)

For an illuminating selection of gourmet food salts, visit:

Salt Traders
The Spice House
Salts Of The World

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