"Solo Diners' 9th Annual EAT OUT Week"

February 1-7, 2016

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"Solo Diners' 11th Annual EAT OUT Week" February 1-7, 2016

Celebrate "Solo Diners' 11th Annual EAT OUT Week" by eating out!

So what's the big deal about this week as opposed to any other?

The "big deal" about "Solo Diners' 11h Annual EAT OUT Week" is deciding what you want to get out of it and going after it!

For you, it may be about securing the perks of a "cherished regular" at your favorite restaurant and setting about achieving that status. (Introduce yourself to management and staff members, let them know what you enjoy about their restaurant and then "appear frequently" show your face if just for a drink and a snack.)

Another person may decide to try a new way (to him or her) of solo dining perhaps, joining others for a meal at a communal table. (Serendipitity is alive and well at communal tables; networking occurs and friendships develop.)

Still, others new to eating out alone may choose to enhance their solo dining skills and their comfort level by "taking the next step": having lunch or dinner out alone, rather than always breakfast OR treating themselves to a meal at a fine dining restaurant, rather than at a local mom 'n pop.

Whatever you decide to do DO IT! And as you decide upon restaurants to visit, remember this your business is now more welcome than ever before!

Bon appetit!!!

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