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Subj: communal tables in the USA
Date: 12/13/07 3:10:17 11:13:03 EST

We need more information on communal tables...I live on Long Island, NY and am trying to convince many of our chefs/ owners to make a communal table available for solo would benefit them tremendously with increased business and would especially help them on "slow nights" Mon, Tues Wed nights, lunches and brunch time when we singles are always eating out and would like to sit with other solo diners rather than at a bar in front of the football on TV!!!!!!!

I am unable to find the list of restaurants that have communal tables....did you remove it from your site.?..if so I feel it is a very needed feature on the internet and hope you keep it active...
Chris Schmidt

Subj: thoughts on your web site
Date: 7/11/04 3:10:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I travel all the time by myself for business, and don't enjoy a lot of it. I like nice dining, and find that getting bad tables, having men try to pick me up, occurs more at the Palm, Mortons, etc, then if I went to a fast food place.

I don't want to go eat fast food for dinner, and I am sick of staying in the hotel and having room service or the hotels own dining rooms.

Nothing has changed that much in the 25 years I have done this. Reading a book, magazine, or newspaper at a table is getting old. Having the maitre'd give me a bad table by the kitchen door, or waiting hours to get a table (even with a reservation) because they seat parties of 2,3,4, or more before they will waste the space on a single diner, means I leave or eat at the bar (if dinner menu and not snack menu).

I have just glanced at your web site, now, but PLEASE tell me what makes these dining spots "solo" friendly?

I thought this site was going to be very helpful, but in clicking to the actual dining listings, they show a menu, but they really don't state what makes them solo friendly.

I am NOT looking for a pickup situation, but to be welcomed and respected when I spend between $50 and $200 for dinner by myself!

So, PLEASE tell me, why you don't go more into what procedures, policies, and true welcome these individual dining spots are supposed to give solo diners.

Any dining establishment can say they welcome everyone, singles, couples, business types, etc. That is part of our discrimination laws.

But to this day, I find still, that a single female, over 50, (now) still gets the worst treatment.

As I stated, I have not read every single word on your website, please tell me what new insights you really have on the solo diner, and where to find this on the site.

Otherwise I am going to very disappointed, because the topic of solo dining hits home with me, and bugs the hell of me, that female mature solo dinners get treated so shabby.

Thanks, Beth

Subj: solo dining
Date: 7/13/01 8:27:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dining alone isn't the problem. The problem is that too many restaurants seat solo diners near the kitchen or bathroom neither of which makes a pleasant dining experience.

Subj: Dining Alone
Date: 5/24/01 2:14:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I am visiting my daughter in Massachusetts & she is using her computer to write you this letter. I live in Florida & do not have a computer.

I am now 80 years old. But when I was younger & lived on Long Island, I would often dine out by myself. And on many occasions I was placed in locations reserved for single women. This displeased me & I would accept
this situation. When I complained, attitudes changed & I was relocated.

I also told the hostess that there were more & more solo women dining out & that they were foolish if they ignored this market.

I read your article with a great deal of interest and concurred with you absolutely.

Thank you for bringing attention to this matter.

Sincerely, Ruth O

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