Solo Dining-Friendly Restaurant Contest

(2001) Results Detailed!!!

Return to: Home | Information | Restaurants | Tips | For Restaurateurs | Newsletter | List of Popular Topics’s “Solo Diner-Friendly Restaurant Contest” was a satisfying success! Everyone has a favorite solo diner-friendly restaurant and we heard about many of yours!

Hundreds of people entered the contest (Visitors nominated solo friendly-restaurants located in: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah and Washington. Texas led the nominations!); many people won prizes; and we learned what you look for/hope for in solo diner-friendly restaurants. (We had a pretty good idea, of course, but validation is always welcome!)

Topping your list of prized restaurant attributes were: friendliness, quality of food (“Consistency” was important!), lighting for reading (and the availability, and the “offering,” of reading material), availability of counter/bar dining and restaurants that “don’t rush you.”

Other favorites of yours included: restaurants where you're allowed to eat as much or as little as you please; they educate the staff about how to cater to solos; remember your name; they seat you first; offer several wines by the glass; look out for single women; offer communal table dining/a variety of seating options; remember what you like to eat/drink and where you like to be seated; with interesting views/entertainment; and introduce you to other people.

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Sooner or later, EVERYONE — business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. — faces the challenge of eating out alone!

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