The Power of People Who Don't Seem to Matter...But Really Do

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The reverberations sparked by this publication will be fascinating to follow. Melinda Blau's book does double duty: offering restaurateurs insight into today's dining market and providing the public with the "push" it needs to frequent restaurants regularly.

CONSEQUENTIAL STRANGERS: The Power of People Who Don't Seem to Matter...But Really Do
(W.W. Norton; publication date August 24, 2009)

Wonder whether you should consider dining with others (strangers) at a communal table hosted by a restaurant?

Consider the following excerpt from a news release for CONSEQUENTIAL STRANGERS:

"Unlike people closest to us, who know what we know, 'weak ties' expand our horizons. They [consequential strangers] lead us to new ideas and allow us to stretch ourselves. We feel energized and supported by merely recognizing these connections. As John Cacioppo, coauthor of Loneliness, puts it, 'It is difficult to feel socially isolated after reading this book.' "

Wondering whether hosting a communal table will work for your restaurant?

Marya Charles Alexander is quoted as follows on page 135 of CONSEQUENTIAL STRANGERS:

"Today being space is both in demand and on the rise. In some of the nation's hippest eateries, for example, you're likely to find a communal table. In part a smart marketing response to the growing number of single diners and business travelers, it is open to anyone and is often the most popular spot in the house, says Marya Charles Alexander, a restaurant consultant and founder of 'When you agree to sit at one of those tables, you enter into a social contract.' Often the host or waiter offers to introduce people, which starts the conversation flowing. Communal tables speak to the zeitgeist, says Alexander: 'The trend first became obvious in the late nineties, when the media began lamenting a lack of community.' "

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