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Welcome to the website devoted to taking the bite out of eating alone! serves up "solo dining savvy" for you whether you despise or delight in a solitary meal in a restaurant or at home; whether you're fond of fast food or fine dining (or something in between!) AND whether you're married or divorced, single or solo, bachelor or bachelorette, widow or widower; business/pleasure traveler or stay-at-home-lover.

So, pull up a chair and join in. The company's fine. SOONER OR LATER, EVERYONE FACES THE CHALLENGE OF EATING ALONE. publishes a quarterly online newsletter (Originally hard-copy and mailed to subscribers. Currently on hiatus.) for visitors to and (click: newsletter)

The web site is chockfull of strategies and tips on how to increase your comfort and options as a solo/single diner, plus need-to-know information for anyone considering solo/single travel.

You'll get the scoop on notable solo-friendly restaurants across the United States and beyond. And while discovering what's out there, you'll learn what to look for and, "just as important," what solo dining amenities to suggest to your favorite restaurants. (Some need a bit of coaching about what solo diners want and love to receive from restaurants!)

All publications, edited by solo-dining maven
Marya Charles Alexander, reveal the secrets of how to make solo dining work for you. They include: tipping tactics; how to discover solo-friendly restaurants; the most effective ways to endear yourself to a restaurant and the ABCs of reservation making.

Here you'll find the array of dining options available to solos/singles, including food bars, dining counters, cluster seating, facilitated shared table seating, communal table variations, variously named: friendship, joiners, community, chef's, the "love boat," captain's; and more. is dedicated to supplying you with the information and tools you need to take charge of this important life-style skill..

Sooner or later, EVERYONE business and pleasure travelers, singles, those divorced or widowed, very-marrieds whose spouses are on the road, harried moms and dads, etc. faces the challenge of eating out alone!

THE How-to Booklet of Solo Dining Tips & Strategies:

The Art and Satisfaction of Dining Alone REVEALED!

is now available for purchase in PDF format!

Planning solo visit to UK???

Check out "The 10 Best Places to Dine Solo in the UK"

Solo dining on THE RISE???

Check out CNBC piece

Restaurants that cater only to solo diners?

For details and tips on how to enjoy your own company, click: solo diner restaurants

"We go out to restaurants not only to eat but to be in the world, not home alone. That's why no one wants to be stuck with that awful table where you can't see or be seen. The trend now, especially in casual restaurants is the communal table." S. Irene Virbila, Restaurant Critic - Los Angeles Times - September 15, 2011
Excerpt: "The communal table experience" - Critic's Choice

Considering launching a communal table your very own customer magnet? Create one now and rejuvenate your business!

Check out FREE communal table creating tips by clicking: communaltableseating



Savor those numbers --- they constitute a Mega-Market for restaurants!

150-Plus Tips on How to Attract & Keep Solo Diners, 2nd Edition

UPDATED, EXPANDED and ENRICHED with Internet commentary is now available to help you take aim at a long-neglected hungry market.

For details, visit the following links:

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Reading in a fine-dining restauant is in GOOD TASTE! Restaurateurs want you comfortable because want you to RETURN!

Want more solo dining tips and insights?
Want to learn how to develop solo dining skills or how to enhance the ones you have?
Check out: How to dine out alone

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Note: hosts theSoloTravel Group on Yahoo. Here's a sampling of member comments:
I must say, I've certainly enjoyed reading all the questions
and helpful tips, even though I may never have the
opportunity to travel to Israel or that area of the world.
Enjoy your's sure to be a trip of a lifetime! I
always enjoy this forum.. Elaine
And let me just say again how amazing this
group has been. The advice I got about Rome was perfect. I had an
amazing time.. Kim

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